Sweat gland or hair follicle? - Eccrine spiradenoma.


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Eccrine spiradenoma was described in 1956 by Kersting and Helwig who designated eccrine spiradenoma as a benign dermal neoplasm derived from the eccrine sweat glands . An infrequent, exceptional neoplasm, eccrine spiradenoma principally cogitates as a solitary, intra-dermal, painful nodule. The neoplasm is considered to originate from the cutaneous sweat glands with a concomitant, focal apocrine differentiation. The disorder is occasionally exemplified by multiple tumours. Frequent sites delineated with eccrine spiradenoma are the chest and face. Infrequently, lumps can be delineated across the forearm, eyelids or the joints, particularly the elbow. The tender nodules display a gradual evolution with amplifying magnitude. Therapeutic strategy of managing tumours such as eccrine spiradenoma is not well delineated. Surgical excision remains the therapeutic option of choice with minimal incidence of reoccurrences.

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