Nurse’s knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding breast cancer screening.


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The article on Nurses' knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding breast cancer screening in the Sousse region of Tunisia: a cross-sectional descriptive study was published in our journal in 2018.

This is a transversal descriptive study with a quantitative approach which was carried out during 2015-2016 and concerns nurses working in the different basic healthcare centre (BHC). Our sample concerns 153 nurses. Only 46.40% had a KAP (knowledge, attitudes, and practices) score above or equal to 16. This score is related to the different characteristics of the participants. It is important to highlight those practicing nurses (those working in the basic healthcare centres) should receive training in advising patients in the practice of breast self-examination so that they can educate and tell women attending.

The breast cancer represents a major sanitary problem today requiring a global care. It is thus important to act to decrease the rate of morbidity and mortality of this disease. Knowledge and practices of the nurses working on the activities of premature detection are very important for the reduction of the incidence of the breast cancer.

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