Article “Creative Pedagogy Applied to Pharmacology Teaching” published in Journal of Pharmacology and therapeutic research.


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In the fast-paced, technology-driven academic world in which we live today, keeping students engaged and excited about their course material can be a struggle. Medical knowledge-flow has moved on from the conventional classrooms to virtual classrooms and e-learning. In context to these modern learners possess a unique set of perceptions and expectations, making it important for instructors to keep pace with the latest pedagogical trends and solutions for improving the way students interact with course content. It is high time we introduce various creative pedagogical methods in our routine teaching-learning activities as well as in our methodologies. Creative Pedagogy is the science and art of creative teachings.

Many teachers in medical field and Pharmacology, in past have tried to bring in innovations in area of medical education to keep up with the ever increasing demands of students to make teaching-learning a more interesting phenomenon like incorporation of crossword puzzles, ‘E-learning’ modules, pre-lecture assignments, poetry, case based learning (CBL), role-plays, seminars, etc. to arouse interest in the subject and knowledge retention . Such teaching learning methods help students to learn the subject and course contents in a very creative-every time unique-manner. Also, it fosters better and more effective understanding which helps retain information for a long time.

At a time when medical students are confronted with a veritable explosion of new facts and information, teachers in medical schools should face up to the challenge of instilling in their students the habit of learning in creative ways.

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